Acupuncturist Chris Landoll Set to Join Our Clinic on June 1st!

If you come in for a chiropractic adjustment at our clinic any time after June 1st, you may notice an extra person in the building. We are pleased to welcome acupuncturist Chris Landoll (an associate of Dr. Cris Angel), who will be at our office this summer to perform a sleep study. Please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment!

You might think that acupuncture is just the latest “trend” in natural medicine but believe it or not, acupuncture has roots that go back thousands of years.  Stemming from a Taoist tradition, practicers of this traditional Chinese medicine place thin needles into strategic points of patients’ skin with the goal of re-balancing energy flow in the body. On the other hand, Western acupuncturists see acupuncture as a way to strengthen blood flow as well as stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. Either way, this drug-free form of medicine, much like chiropractic, can have beneficial effects that may not even occur to us!


Check out the video below for some tips from Dr. Oz!




About soundcarechiropractic

SoundCare Chiropractic Center is located in the University District of Seattle. Established in 2011, we are located on Roosevelt Way NE, between 45th Street and 43rd Street. We offer chiropractic manipulative therapy, rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, and exercise counseling. Massage therapy is also available. We strive to provide our patients with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk into our office. Thank you in advance for allowing us to serve you!
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