Half an hour a day of exercise can improve your health drastically!

With all of the weight loss regiments and exercise plans out there, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem unattainable at times. After all, most of us spend eight or more hours a day at a job where we are likely sitting for the majority of the time. When we get home, we’re tired and want to relax in front of the TV on the couch, eventually going to bed and leaving little time for exercise. Fitting in half an hour isn’t quite as difficult as it may seem, though. Instead, try to think of it as “I will only sleep or sit for 23 1/2 hours today.” Maybe take part of your lunch break to walk briskly around the block, go on a short run with the dog in the morning, or use public transportation to and from work that forces you to walk. Just remember it’s as easy as 23 1/2 hours!!


About soundcarechiropractic

SoundCare Chiropractic Center is located in the University District of Seattle. Established in 2011, we are located on Roosevelt Way NE, between 45th Street and 43rd Street. We offer chiropractic manipulative therapy, rehabilitative exercise, nutrition, and exercise counseling. Massage therapy is also available. We strive to provide our patients with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk into our office. Thank you in advance for allowing us to serve you!
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